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  • Useful Linux Stuff

    Package files and directories

    tar -zcvf [result-filename.tar.gz] [path-of-dir]
    The -zcvf instruction stand for:
        -z: Compress the desired file/directory using gzip
        -c: Stand for create file (output tar.gz file)
        -v: To display the progress while creating the file
        -f: path of the desire file/directory to compress
    tar -xvzf [your-tar-file.tar.gz]  

    System Control

    Restart apache
    sudo systemctl restart httpd.service
    sudo systemctl start   httpd.service
    sudo systemctl stop    httpd.service
    restart SSH
    service sshd restart

    Delete Directory Recursively

    rm -r mydir
    Delete directory recursively with content

    Firewall Control

    #find out if an IP is blocked
    csf -g

    #remove the block
    csf -dr

    #restart the firewall
    csf -r

    SSH Setup & Permission

    #enable site for SSH private key login
    1. run ssh-keygen (use defaults)
    2. add key to .ssh/authorized_keys
    3. ensure correct permissions

    chmod 700 ~/.ssh
    chmod 644 ~/.ssh/authorized_keys
    chmod 644 ~/.ssh/known_hosts
    chmod 644 ~/.ssh/config
    chmod 600 ~/.ssh/id_rsa
    chmod 644 ~/.ssh/id_rsa.pub
    chmod 600 ~/.ssh/github_rsa
    chmod 644 ~/.ssh/github_rsa.pub
    chmod 600 ~/.ssh/mozilla_rsa
    chmod 644 ~/.ssh/mozilla_rsa.pub

    Certbot and Letsencrypt

    For certbot and letsencrypt

    mysql -u [new_user] -p [database_name] < [file_name].sql
    Restore database dump file

    mysql -u [new_user] -p [database_name] < [file_name].sql

    Backup of a single database

    Backup a single database to a plain text file, containing the sql commands to restore the tables and their data

    mysqldump -u [user] -p [database_name] > [filename].sql

    Vi uses

    :set number (show line numbers) CTRL-SHIFT-G to show line
    /[search string forward]
    ?[search string backward]
    SHIFT-N -> next search


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